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Down LoadCyberMetrics CyberCalc - Calculator and Measurement Unit Converter - This FREE utility is much more than a calculator. It automatically converts values expressed in one unit of measure (of area, length, weight, volume, temperature, time, speed, pressure and energy) to equivalent values in another. CyberCalc also supports "Active Skins" for a completely customized look. Several skin themes are included (Metal, Aqua, Military, Techno and others)
Down LoadHP SOFTWARE Useful Metrology-related Resources.- Uncertainty Calculator, Mismatch Uncertainty Calculator, Tolerance Calculator By Christopher Grachanen of the Agilent Metrology Department. by Steve Horn. Metrology Forum
Down LoadFreeware Free Metrology Software Tools - Uncertainty Sidekick, Type B Uncertainty Calculator, RiskGuard, SPCLimits, Method A3 Interval Tester By Integrated Sciences Group
Down LoadMetrology Hand Book is a must item for any serious student of metrology. If you would like a copy, down load (a 270K zipped Word 6 file). The handbook was updated May 1997. This Calibration hand book was written for the Keesler AFB Basic Calibration Course/PMEL.
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